The second goal of our mold inspectors in Martinsburg, West Virginia is to determine how bad your mold problem is. Determining the extent of your mold problem, indoor spore count, and species of mold is important because it helps our mold inspectors create an action plan for your particular situation. Keep in mind, every mold situation is different, so the plan needs to be specific to you, particularly if mold is causing health issues.


Visually inspecting your home is our first approach along with air sampling. Air sampling is the most reliable and accurate method to determine the mold spore levels in a particular area in your home in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The air sampling will reveal exactly what species of mold spores are present in your air and the level of each individual species.

Since mold spores are what you breathe, this is vitally important to determine how good or bad the mold spore levels are inside your home.

Swab sampling will tell you exactly what species of mold is growing in your home in Martinsburg, West Virginia. The area is swabbed with a sterile swab and then sent to the lab for analysis.