RC Air And Mold Solutions Is Strictly A Certified Mold Inspection And Testing Company In Martinsburg, West Virginia. As Our Guarantee To You, We Will Beat Any Other Certified Mold Inspection And Testing Company Quote By 15%!

Are you concerned about having mold in your home in Martinsburg, West Virginia?  If so, we are here to help!  We are RC Air and Mold Solutions; A Nationally Certified Mold Inspection Company based here in the beautiful Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.

We are qualified and certified to come into your home in Martinsburg, West Virginia and visually inspect for possible mold growth as well as perform professional scientific testing procedures.  One of the best ways to confirm if you have mold issues in your home is through air sampling.  The air sampling will reveal exactly what species of mold spores are present in your air and the level of each individual species.  If necessary, we can perform swab sampling of your mold concern areas as well.

No one ever wants to have a mold problem in their home in Martinsburg, West Virginia, but RC Air and Mold Solutions is here to help you locate and identify any and all mold concerns in your home.  We then are qualified to write up a protocol of what needs to be done to clean and get rid of the mold.  Our protocol is for you to use to take to the remediation company of your choice who will follow our guidelines to make sure they remove all the mold issues in your Martinsburg, West Virginia home.

We are only the inspection and testing company.  It is a conflict of interest to perform both services.  That is why we specialize only in mold inspections and mold testing in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

If you think you might have a mold problem in your Martinsburg, West Virginia home, don’t wait to call us for a mold inspection!  Left undetected, mold can cause serious health concerns for you and your loved ones.  The quicker the mold problem is found; the quicker you can get rid of it!

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